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Grigory Yefimych, - said Badmaev, - I advise you to make friends with my old patient Alexander Dmitrich Protopopov.

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In addition to the clinic to take ivermectin oral pills, Badmaev had dachas-boarding houses and mysterious sanatoriums, where he isolated the sick from the world, and what was happening there - no one knew about it, the patients of the sanatoriums only smiled mysteriously when asked about it.

PATIENT, ivermectin. Patient in relation to the attending physician.

Patient (Latin patiens - suffering, suffering) - a person or other living creature receiving (her) medical care, undergoing medical supervision and / or treatment for any disease, pathological condition or other disorder of health and life, as well as using medical services regardless of whether they have a disease.

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A patient being treated by a doctor.

Source: "Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language" edited by D. N. Ushakov (1935-1940); (electronic version): Fundamental electronic library. Hey! My name is Lampobot, I am a computer program that helps to make a Map of Words. I can count very well, but so far I do not understand well how your world works. Help me figure it out!

Thanks! I will definitely learn to distinguish between widespread words and highly specialized ones. patient - See client. Dictionary of Russian synonyms and expressions similar in meaning. under. ed. N. Abramova, M .: Russian dictionaries, 1999. patient, victim, sick; client Dictionary of Russian synonyms Dictionary of synonyms.

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PATIENT - ivermectin, patient, lat. sick, patient of his doctor. Dahl's Explanatory Dictionary. IN AND. Dahl. 1863 1866 Dahl's Explanatory Dictionary. patient - PATIENT, a, m. The one who is targeted by the victim of what l deception; disrespectful of any person. Possibility from y. "Patient" victim of a pickpocket Dictionary of Russian argo.

A patient is a person who prevents bad doctors from doing documentation. Comes from lat. "Pati" - to suffer and "patientia" - patience.

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Note A person undergoing cosmetic procedures is treated as a patient in accordance with the requirements of this Technical Translator's Guide. Requirements for the architecture of electronic health accounting 3.27 PATIENT: Object (person or woman Dictionary-reference book of terms of normative and technical documentation.

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